Monday, November 4, 2013

Hold On and Don't Let Go

A few weeks ago,  as I was driving out of my subdivision, I noticed a spider hanging from the passenger side view mirror on ONE strand of web.  Anyone who has seen a spider web, knows how thin the strands of threads are- so imagine a spider hanging on to just ONE strand.  After noticing the spider, my first response was- “Oooooh that’s a spider- He gots to go.” So I sped up, hoping that would shake the thing off the car, but every time I got to a stop, I noticed the spider was still hanging on, all the way to my destination, which was approximately 20 miles down the road.  I was impressed with the spider’s ability to hang on through all the strong winds, constant bumps and stops as I drove down the highway.  Instantly, I was inspired and encouraged.  If the spider can hold on in such tedious conditions, so can I.  So can you!

So often, we go through things that leave us wanting to give up- on life; on goals and dreams; on people; on our marriage; on our kids; and even though some of us might be ashamed to admit it, sometimes on God.  These times can leave us drained, fragile and weak.  For some of us, we are hanging on by our pinky fingernail or even by a single thread.  I’m here to encourage you today, to continue to hold on and don’t let go.  Even when you feel like you can’t hold on any longer, put your trust in Jesus, just as the spider trusts in that thin strand of web.  The spider is confident in the special substance that resides in him.  Guess what…we have something special too!

Our God has given us something special that strengthens us during our times of weakness.   We have the Holy Spirit that strengthens us above and beyond our own natural strength.  It works in our favor and it works when we need it to the most.  When we are weak, The Holy Spirit steps in and provides unimaginable strength. 

One place we can find strength in our dark and scary times, is in the Word of God!  There is so much power in it and it tells us that- God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. – Psalm 46:1 .   I want to let you know that you are never alone, even when you feel like you are.  The strength you need to endure is found in Christ Jesus. This is the time to get in His Word and learn more of Him.  Draw closer and nigh to Him.  Let Him give you peace beyond your natural understanding, while you are going through.  Let Him strengthen you to continue on.  Let Him endow you with power to hold on, even when the winds are blowing, the seas are roaring, and the ground is shaking.  Trust in Him and no matter what… HOLD ON AND DON’T LET GO! 
Stay Hopeful,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Have Power Too

This morning as I sat in the backyard, every so often I would see a golf cart pull up to the sixth tee.  Sometimes there were two or more people, and sometimes there was just one.  Some were young and some were much older.  Even when there was just the one, all by his lonesome, he still swung his driver with just as much vigor as the ones did that were playing with someone else. 
Watching these players gave me a refresher course in one of the most important things a person need in their life- PRAYER!  I really love my relationship with the Lord because he allows me to see things that others would not even pay attention to.  Here’s what I saw…

As I observed the different players, I realized golf was very much like prayer in many ways.  Let me explain-

1.        It doesn’t really matter how old you are, you can still learn how to do “it”. The more you do “it”, the better you become.  And the more you do “it”, the more you gain a love for “it”.


2.        There’s nothing like companionship or someone to do “it” with, but if at any time no one is available to do “it” with you…guess what… you can do “it” by yourself and the results will still be the same.  In fact, it seemed like some of the loners preferred doing “it” by themselves, which brings me to my next point…


3.       You find that when you are alone, you’re not under anyone else time schedule or scrutiny.  You can do “it” as slow… as fast…or as long as you want to.  You don’t have to rush or worry about how you look to others.  If you mess up, you don’t have to worry about the others laughing at you or anything like that.


4.       Your strength and ability to do “it” doesn’t change whether you are with others or alone.  Everything you need is within.  All you gotta do is do “it” and watch what happens.


It has been a peaceful and enjoyable morning as I sat and watched the players play and the Spirit speak.  My prayer for you today is-- you realize that as long as you possess Christ, you are more than capable to pray for yourself and your situation- no matter what it is!  Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. – 1 John 4:4 (NIV).   You possess the power to speak over your life and your situations.  Faith (the confidence of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen- Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)) is the key to prayer that unlocks the door.  Trust and believe in your own ability through the power of Christ that resides in you! 

Stay Hopeful,


Monday, May 20, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive- More Than I Expected


Last week this time, I was preparing to give my expecting daughter a baby shower in the backyard of our home.  We had originally had it scheduled at another venue, but unforeseen circumstances caused us to have to change the location at the last minute.  Two days before the scheduled event, a friend of mine were helping me go over my checklist and confirming we had everything we needed for a successful event.  “What about tables and chairs?” she asked.  Panic threatened to take over my ability to think clearly as I realized I had completely forgot all about needing table and chairs for an outdoor event. 

The morning of the event, I decided to ask my neighbors across the street it they knew of any local places that rents tables and chairs for an event.   Sadly there were none in our small little town but their offer was beyond surprising.  

Our family recently moved into this neighborhood almost a year ago, and although we’ve spoken and waived at each other from our respective yards, we had never actually spoken or went through the traditional introduction. “Hey, we have a long table and a few chairs that you are more than welcome to use,” my neighbors offered. 

Well you already know that I was in a desperate need of the table and chairs, so I wasn’t in a position to really turn down their offer.  You know how we do sometimes, when we don’t want to seem needy or feel like we are a bother to anyone.  LOL.   Anyhoo- by the time it was all over with, my neighbors had provided me with tables, chairs and a nice tent.  Everything I needed and so much more. 

Isn’t that just like God?  Always going and doing above and beyond our expectations.  The Bible declares that our God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ever ask or imagine.  Ephesians 3:20 
I must admit- sometimes I forget that He's there and all I have to do is ask and trust and believe that He will take care of all that concerns me, but this was an excellent reminder- don't you think?

Life can definitely throw some unexpected surprises and leave us in want or in need, but rest assure, God has everything you need.  All you have to do is ASK.  He’s right across the street- close enough that all you have to do is take the initiative and ASK.  If you ask-- you shall receive.  Matthew 7:7   If you need anything, absolutely anything, physical, emotional,  or spiritual- just ask.  I beseech you to ask.  Actually, I dare you to ask.  Watch God respond and blow your mind. 

I am truly grateful for great neighbors that exemplify such a beautiful Godly character. Thanks, Gerard and Kim! 

Stay Hopeful,