Monday, October 31, 2011


This past weekend, my family and I went out of town.  Whenever we go out of town, my husband and I normally share the task of drving.  If he drives to our destination, I will normally drive back home.  You should know that I don't like driving when my husband is in the car for two reasons.  One, I don't like heavy traffic and with him telling me to speed up, slow down, go over, etc., it makes me more nervous than I already am, and frustrated.  Secondly, I just have this thing that if he's in the car, as a man, he should drive his lady around.  Kind of old fashion, huh? 

Anyhoo, we really had a GREAT time, and we were exhausted by the time the trip came to a close.  We left later than what we had intended, and with a drive of a little over four hours, neither one of us was up for the drive.  Since he drove first, it was my time to take the wheel, and my husband was rubbing it in.  When it was time to go, he got in the driver seat and we rode out. 

After about half way, I asked him was he tired and did he want me to drive.  He said, he was okay, but I could tell he was tired, and I knew he needed to rest for work the next day.  Nevertheless, he drove all the way home.  "Oh wow!  He really loves me!",  is all I could think.  I didn't have to wonder if he did, or even pull daisies while quoting, "he loves me, he loves me not", because at that moment, I knew it.  It was not what he said, but it was what he did that told me so!

Every person, regardless how tough they may appear to be, loves to be told they are loved!  It really sounds good to the ears, and it makes the heart smile, however, the words are not as powerful than the deed.  Love is action and it's not about what one says, it's more about what they do.  I've known people and even experienced being told "I love you" and that same person who spoke those words, abused me.  The action spoke louder than the words! 

When I think about Jesus, He has never spoke audibly to me the words, "Clarissa, I love you!", but He shows me daily!  Every morning when I rise, He shows me!  When He blesses me beyond what I deserve, He shows me! When He provides for my family, He shows me!  Just last week, when my husband was laid off from work, but somebody spoke on his behalf, and although others have been laid off, they called him back to work, He showed me!  I don't have to wonder if He does, I know He loves me!  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal. - John 3:16.  It's not about what He said, it's about what He did!   He loved me so much, that He died on the cross on my behalf, that I might not die, but live; that I would not be lost, but saved! 

Let us also, follow His example; don't just tell a person you love them, show them.  Don't let your actions make what you say be a lie.  Your actions do speak louder than your words!  

So, what do you know?  Does He love you, or does He love you not?

Stay Hopeful,