Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Didn't Give Up

Back in March, I wrote:

I Will Not Let You Die!  

I’ve noticed it for quite some time that she had been falling off.Week after week, she was looking weaker and weaker.I didn’t know exactly what I should do for her, so as much as I wanted to help, I didn’t do anything for her at all. Besides watered her, I just watched.

Today was a little different as I was sitting here looking at my plant in her current state, I felt compel to move and do something to try and save her fragile life. Although just a plant, it symbolizes life at its best. And I feel that as long as there is life, there is always a chance. Always hope.

There are several ways we can look at this, but let me just flow with it for a minute. Sometimes we have good seasons and sometimes not so good seasons. We flourish, we grow, we bloom and we excel. Then there are times when we are down and out, sickly and frail, and more vulnerable to our environments. Sometimes we’re strong.And then other times we’re weak. Those are just some of the same stages a plant may go through.

As an observer, my heart began to ache at the declining health of the plant. I remembered when she was so full and pretty. She was growing and everyone that saw her complimented on her beauty. J ust seeing her made me smile. But now what? Now that she needs me the most, do I just turn my back on her and let her die. Do I just sit and watch her deteriorate?

Have you ever been in a situation where you saw someone in pain or in need and wanted to do something to help them? I believe this is where God was with us. We were sick. We were dying and He couldn’t and wouldn’t allow us to die. He sent a Savior- someone to save us from ALL sickness (physically, mentally, and/or emotionally). He sent someone to heal the broken-hearted and to lift the heavy burdened.

The more I thought about how God’s love for us demonstrates RESTORATION- The process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition—which is wholeness, I decided to no longer sit and just watch her die. As a matter of fact, “I refuse to let her die,” is what I told myself.

I will do all that I can to restore her back to her original state.I will nurture it, pour into it, and I will even SPEAK life back into it. I refuse to let her die. I refuse to let you die! So, no matter what you may be dealing with today, no matter how bad you may be hurting today, don't give up, help is on the way! Know that God loves you and wants you whole. Know that there is absolutely nothing too hard for God. Respond to his love. Respond to his voice, and watch and see how you bloom.

Stay Hopeful,


Today, I write:  Look at my plant! 

There's nothing like seeing what you put so much work into flourish! I'm so glad I didn't give up on her! Had you seen her before, you would understand the joy I feel. Let me inspire and encourage you to not give up on that thing that looks DEAD or HOPELESS!  Your marriage, your career, your children, your life---whatever it is---I ask you---Can it live?  I hope you say YES!