Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have finally made up in my mind that it is time for me to start back doing my daily morning walks.  I recalled an incident that happened to me last year:

My goal for my morning walks was to do at least 2 miles, which equals 4 laps around my apartment complex. This time, I was so tired, by the time I did 3 laps; I literally argued with myself whether I should stop or not. I mean come on; I was only one lap away from my daily goal. It made me wonder, how many times have I/WE gave up and were only "one lap" away from that prayer being answered? How many times have we got tired right before the end? AND QUIT?

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you continued on and took those final steps? Would your marriage have been saved? Would you have that job? Would you have finished school, or that a particular project you had committed yourself to?  What would the results be if you kept going? Well, it's time to tell ourselves what I had to tell myself that particular morning, I AM NOT A QUITTER!

So come on; you are right there, almost to the finish line. I know you might be tired, but come on; it's only "one more lap"!

Stay Hopeful,